General Info

  • For people intending to fly, certain physical restrictions apply - see here.

  • The airfield can be quite cold and wind-swept (a coat is usually a good idea - even in summer)

  • Suntan cream, a hat and sunglasses are a must (especially in summer.)

  • Cameras can by used in the glider - but they must have a strap. Dropping a camera or phone into the controls (and possibly jamming them) is to be avoided!

  • Dogs can be taken onto the airfield - but they must be on a short lead at all times (you’ll need poo bags - and there are no bins at the launch point!)

Safety Briefing

Please take a look at the short video below - it will give you an overview of the operation and explain how to stay safe on the airfield.

Site Map

When navigating around the airfield please use the designated routes as indicated below. Aircraft can land on any runway at any time, so please keep a good lookout when crossing open spaces. If you are unsure, just ask someone or call the ‘control bus’ for assistance.