We’re lucky here at Wolds Gliding club in that we own the airfield. We have 2 runways (North/South and North-West/South-East.) Each runway has both a hard surface and a grass surface. We tend to prefer the grass for launching/landing but the hard can also be used for landing.

We have a purpose built clubhouse with bar, briefing rooms, bunk rooms, showers and offices.

There is a campsite with electrical hookup.

We can launch via aerotow or winch in any wind direction.

We have a modern fleet of aircraft as below:

  • 4x two seater training gliders.

  • 3x single seater gliders.

  • 3x tug aircraft (for aerotows)

  • 2x winches (launching to 1200ft typically)

  • 1x motor glider for cross country training

We are a 10 minute walk from the popular market town of Pocklington and a 2 minute walk from Starbucks, KFC, Subway etc