Unfortunately all members will need to create a new account on the forum - sorry!

Get Help With Forum

The forum is hosted on a different system to the rest of the website - which is why it looks different to this site and has a different web address (and may be flagged as ‘insecure’ in your browser.)

When you first visit the forum you’ll be asked to register. This will require you to enter your email address and dream up a username and password (we’d recommend just using your full name as a username - with no spaces.) You will then receive an email with a link in it that you click to complete your registration. You should get the email within seconds - if not, then check your spam/junk folder.

The new forum is much the same as before - only this time we’ve limited it to a single topic - called ‘Club Stuff’ (keeps it simple!)

First thing you should do is ‘subscribe’ to the ‘Club Stuff’ forum - this way you’ll get email notifications when new threads are created - see below:

Whilst this will email you when new threads are created, it won’t tell you when people subsequently reply to those threads. To see the replies you must subscribe to each thread in turn. If you created the thread or if you have replied to the thread then you will automatically be subscribed to that thread. However if you just want to ‘lurk’ and watch was is being discussed then you can manually subscribe to the thread - see below: