Flying Account Topup

To add funds to your flying account please purchase a number of £1 topup credits below. For example, to make a payment of £120 you should set the quantity to 120. Later in the process you’ll be asked to enter your Wolds Gliding Club account code - please make sure this is accurate so that your payment goes to the correct account.

Account Topup
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If you’re not sure what your account code is, please contact the office. Normally the account code is the first 3 letters of your surname plus the first letter of your first name (but not always!)

The payment should be credited to your flying account next time the office is open (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday.) If your account has not been credited after 7 days, please contact the office.

You should receive an email each week containing a detailed summary of your flying account. If you do not receive this - or you’d like a summary before next week then contact us.