Your Training

Your training follows a carefully designed syllabus to ensure that you enjoy your flying and become a safe and competent pilot.

We operate all our training to very high standards as laid down by the British Gliding Association. The syllabus takes you as an ab-initio through the following basic flight exercises:     

  1. Effects of controls
  2. Lookout
  3. Aileron/Rudder Co-ordination
  4. Speed Control
  5. Use of Airbrakes and Trimmer
  6. Approach Control      

      You will then move on to more advanced exercises such as Stalling and Spinning and Circuit planning. All the time of course you will be learning how to control the glider during the winch launch or aerotow launch phase of each flight. The above is by no means a full list of the things that you will learn when training but these items form the core of exercises that you will carry out.

             You will find that at no time will you be hurried or pushed into something about which you are unsure. You will be allowed to learn at your own pace and you will be constantly appraised by your instructors to make sure that the exercises demonstrated and practiced are fully understood by yourself. You will find that after about forty launches you will have learnt most of the syllabus to a greater or lesser degree. From then on for the next forty or so launches it is a matter of constantly polishing and practicing your technique. By the time you reach around eighty launches on the winch you may be ready to go solo! This number varies widely depending upon the individual, but eighty launches to solo standard is the average at Pocklington.      

Please, do not count this as a certainty however. Some people may find that they have difficulty in learning a particular exercise and indeed you may feel that you are making no progress. Don't worry! This happens to almost everyone and if you persevere solo standard is almost always attained. Rest assured, no-one ever flies solo unless your instructor is absolutely satisfied that you are a safe and competent pilot.Remember that all our instructors are very highly trained to teach gliding properly and safely. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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