Wolds Gliding Club Price List

Table below shows our 2014/2015 prices for membership, flying and visitors effective 01/04/2014

Annual Memberships

Standard membership         £220.00
Family membership   £335.00
Junior Membership (Up to 21 years old)£75.00
Country membership (living > 50 miles away )£180.00
Instructor membership£180.00
Family country membership£290.00
Social member (entitled to 5 flights at club rates per year)£30.00
BGA subscription (ALL  adult members) approx fee, subject to change according to BGA tariff£30.00

Temporary memberships

Members guest(day) plus flights at club rates£12.00
Day membership(WL)-includes one winch launch. Subsequent flights at club rates£45.00
Day membership(AT)-includes one 2000ft aerotow. Subsequent flights at club rates£65.00
Day membership(Falke)-approx 20 mins. Subsequent flights at club rates£65.00
Evening visit (min 10 people) one winch launch (2014 season)£21.00
Evening visit second/subsequent winch launches (2014 season)£11.00

Trial Lesson Gift Voucher options: 2 x winch, 1 x 2000ft aerotow or 30 min motorglider flight. Subsequent flights at club rates

Trail Lesson Gift Voucher - ONE of the above options£75.00
Trial Lesson Gift Voucher - TWO of the above options£105.00

Flying Fees (Free soaring before 10.00am)

Winch launch£7.10
Cadet/junior/student winch launch (incl 10 mins soaring)£6.00
Aerotow to 1000 ft£20.00
+ per 100 ft (£7.00 per 1000ft)£0.70
Falke (instructional) per minute - Members£1.10
Falke training - Reciprocal Members£1.30
Soaring per minute Ka21/Puchacz/LS4£0.33
Soaring per minute Junior£0.27
Soaring per minute Ka8£0.20
Aerotow retrieve per tacho unit£13.65


5 Day intensive course Full member (2014 season)£350.00
5 Day intensive course Non member (2014 season)£420.00


Caravan on site (min 2 years membership to qualify and subject to reaching top of waiting list)£326.00
Members temporary caravan per night (no electric hook up)£1.00
Members temporary caravan per night (with electric hook up)£3.00
Visiting caravan (non member) per night (no electric hook up)£10.00
Visiting caravan (non member) per night (with electric hook up)£15.00
Tent per night (members)£1.00
Tent per night (non-members)£5.00
Bunkroom member per room per night (max 2 people per room)£11.00
Bunkroom non member per room per night (max 2 people per room)£22.00

Private Owner & Landing Fees

Private glider/trailer parked on site per year£200.00
Private glider stored in hangar per year£400.00
Private powered aircraft in hangar per year£1,320.00
Workshop hire per day£6.50
Landing/use of airfield fee (private aircraft and balloons)£10.00
Landing/use of airfield fee (commercial aircraft and balloons)£30.00

Aircraft Hire

Glider hire K21/LS4£68.00
Glider hire K21/LS4 weekend expedition rate -3 days max de-rig to re-rig (3 x daily rate less 20%)£157.50
Competition glider hire (at POC) K21/LS4£199.50
Competition glider hire (elsewhere) K21/LS4£399.00
Glider hire – Puchacz/Junior£57.75
Competition glider hire (at POC) Puchacz£178.50
Competition glider hire (elsewhere) Puchacz£357.00
Glider hire – K8£30.00
Tug training (members)£10.50
Tug training (non members)£14.00
Tug hire (members only)£11.55

Badge Flights (Bronze, Silver, cross country etc - by prior agreement & at discretion of the duty instructor)
Two Seater/LS4 - maximum soaring fee£39.60 + launch fee
Junior -maximum soaring fee£32.40 + launch fee
Ka8 - maximum soaring fee£24.00 + launch fee