3 x ASK-21 - 'GBV', 'JAV' and 'JAX'

3k21s sm

The K21 has gained a reputation for being one of the best training gliders in the world thanks to its stable flying characteristics and strong composite construction.  It has two seats in tandem with full dual controls allowing the instructor to fully fly the glider from the rear seat. It is also very well suited for cross country training and aerobatics. We have 3 K21s at Pocklington which form the backbone of our training fleet.
Seats - 2
Wingspan - 17.0m
Maximum Speed - 151 knots
Best Glide Angle - 34:1


Very similar in design to the K21, the Puchacz is a key part of our training fleet and while being a good all round training aircraft it is particularly useful for teaching advanced manoeuvres including spinning.
Seats - 2
Wingspan - 16.7m
Maximum Speed - 118 knots
Best Glide Angle - 32:1  

SZD-50 Puchacz 'JRF'

puchacz s



ls4 s

The LS4 has the highest performance of all the gliders in our fleet and is a favourite amongst our more experienced solo pilots. It is well equipped for cross country and competition flying and has been used by members in a number of regional and antional competitions. Solo pilots normally progress to flying the LS4 after gaining some experience in the Junior and Ka8. 
Seats - 1
Wingspan - 15.0m
Maximum Speed - 145 knots
Best Glide Angle - 41:1  


 The Junior is usually the first single seat glider that our members fly after they have gained some experience flying the 2-seaters solo. It is an easy and comfortable glider to fly and has also been used by our members in competitions.

Seats - 1
Wingspan - 15.0m
Maximum Speed - 119 knots
Best Glide Angle - 32:1  

SZD-51 Junior 'KHR'

junior s


 Ka8 'JAT'

k8 s

The Ka8 has a wood and metal frame construction and is covered in canvas and is one of the most common club single seat gliders in the UK. What it lacks in glide performance it makes up for in being fun to fly and can often be found staying up in weak thermals on days when other gliders can't. 

Seats - 1
Wingspan - 15.0m
Maximum Speed - 103 knots
Best Glide Angle - 27:1  


Powered Aircraft 

We use our motorglider for a number of training tasks including cross country navigation, field landing practice, instructor training as well as basic flying skills and trial lessons. We can also provide training for pilots wishing to gain their SMLG NPPL.

Seats - 2
Wingspan - 15.3m
Maximum Speed - 99 knots

T61 Venture Motorglider 'G-OWGC'

falke sm


Piper PA-35 Pawnee 'G-AXED'

pawnee small

Originally designed as a crop-duster, the Pawnee has become a favourite choice for glider towing all around the world. The powerful 180hp engine and 4 bladed propeller make it ideal for towing gliders quickly to the required height. Both the Pawnee and the Super Cub 'tugs' can achieve ~ 6 aerotows per hour.

The Super Cub was produced in huge numbers and are still in use with many powered flight training organisations. Similarly to the Pawnee it has become a popular glider towing aircraft in the UK and abroad. With 2 seats it can also be used to train power lience pilots to aerotow gliders.

Both of our tugs have been retro-fitted with onboard cable winches so after the glider releases, the tug pilot can wind in the trailing cable to reduce the risk of it contacting something during landing.

Piper PA-18 Super Cub 'G-ARGV'

cub s


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