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RESULTS - 34th Wolds Gliding Club Two-Seater Competition

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Sunday 18th August 2019 sees the opening of the 34th Wolds Gliding Club Two-Seater Competition at Pocklington airfield. We'll be trying to keep you up to date throughout the competition here. 

Sunday 25-Aug-19 13.00 Close and prizes

The 34th Wolds Gliding Club Two-Seater Competition at Pocklington airfield has closed and the prizes have been presented by Anne Melville. There were five flying days with 38, Richard Large, the Overall Winner, JAV, Mike Jordy, the Intermediate Winner and, once again, BBB, John Pursey, the Best Wood. Full final results tables are below. Special mentions today went to Mo Haddon for organising the week’s entertainment and Ann Wilson and her team for the catering. More than a thousand sausages and fifty eight gallons of beer contributed to the success of the comp. Until next time them, but a photo further down for you to ponder.... how did they get there?

Close WGC 2019 Final slide

Close Final Scores Totals

Close Day 5 Final Scores

 Close overall winnersClose team BBB

Overall winners 38                                                                          Best wood BBB

Close Mo   Close Ann Wilson

Mo Haddon (l) and Anne Melville                                               Ann Wilson

Close Dave Landout 190824

How did he get there....?

Sunday 25-Aug-19 10.30

With the state of the art Wolds Gliding Club x-wind indicator hanging limp under a hazy blue sky the writing was on the wall for the final day of the 34th Two-Seater Comp. Highlight of the briefing was a virtuoso performance by Mike Jordy to auction a unique engraved bottle of York gin donated by our administrator Tonita Day and raising £151 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Sunday 2 x wind indicator  Sunday 2 writing on wall

Sunday 2 Mike gin

Saturday 24-Aug-19 22.00

Soothed by the cooling breezes from a portable air conditioner in the scorer's hut Dick has produced preliminary Day 5 scores and totals. A total of eleven gliders landed out, while eight tackled task D but for everyone Doncaster was a turn point too far with a mid afternoon launch and the hot blue conditions so familiar in the Vale of York.

Preliminary Totals Day 5

Day 5 Preliminary Scores

Saturday 24-Aug-19 17.30

Eight or so gliders in fields, a dozen or so back at Pock, the rest heading home. No one seems to have wanted to go to Doncaster.

The Eagle trailer has just gone past. I have learned, Master, that this sign means "The Eagle has Landed"

Saturday Eagle trailer

Saturday 24-Aug-19 16.00

After the sniffer's second launch grid went from 14.30 and launched within an hour with five tugs operating. Leading gliders round Harrogate and on way to Wetherby

Saturday launch

Saturday 1600 task

Saturday 24-Aug-19 12.00

Day 5 task sheet for Saturday, updated totals and day scores for Friday, day 4

Saturday Task

Preliminary Totals Day 4 Update 2 crop

Day 4 Preliminary Scores Update 1

Saturday 24-Aug-19 11.30

Blue skies, gliders gridded on 18, longest task 200 km but no launch before 12.30. Coming soon the task sheet and scores after yesterday day 4. In the meantime here is our air space man, Dave Smith, who rings round early in the day to let people who could find thirty two two-seaters heading towards them know they might be coming. Somewhere down at the grid will be Andy MacDonald, marshalling the goings on.

Dave S air space  Andy

Dave the airspace...                                        .... and Andy the launch marshall

Friday 23-Aug-19 18.00

Just about everyone back on the ground or accounted for. Four landouts only as far as we know.

Friday landing 1  Friday landing 2

Friday 23-Aug-19 16.00

A couple in fields, about half a dozen back on the ground and the field spread out with some turning CTT

Friday 1600 task

Friday 23-Aug-19 14.00

Grid launched by 13.30, one relight but most well established, front runners on track for BEV. Much sprinting about in the heat by the members of the Fairly Honourable Company of Wolds Rope Runners directed by Andy MacDonald.

Friday grid                       Friday rope runners

Friday 23-Aug-19 11.00

Blue sky, set fair - and there's a Bank Holiday coming up!?- longest task today 320km. Tugs lined up, tuggies briefed. First launch not before 11.15

Friday tugs Friday tuggies


Friday Task

Thursday 22-Aug-19 14.00

Dick Midwinter has briefly emerged from the scorers hut with the updated Day 3 scores and Day 3 totals. In case you don't recognise Dick here is a rare photo of him, taken in the hut. You will have seen assistant comp director and control supremo Bernie Svenson though or at least spoken to him on the radio.

Dick        Bernie 2

Scorer Dick....                           .... and deputy director Bernie

Day 3 Preliminary Scores Update 1

Preliminary Totals Day 3 Update 1

Thursday 22-Aug-19 11.00

Owain was right about blustery. The day is grey and the cloudbase modest. The covers were still on and the runways empty, although at least you can see the Wolds - not always the case at the Two-Seater Comp! The news that the weather wasn't going to get better brought no surprises at the briefing and the day was scrubbed.

Thursday briefing         Thursday runway

With no flying today there's an opportunity to credit some key players - comp director Bob Holroyd, met man Steve Wilkinson and task setter Mike Jordy. They all look reasonably cheerful while having to cope with reports of suspicious offers of cake, the weather and looking for suitable tasks in the conditions.

MThursday Bob H       Thursday Steve W       Thursday Mike J 2

Comp director Bob                    Met man Steve                         Task setter Mike

Wednesday 21-Aug-19 22.30

Hot off the computer from Dick in the scorer's hut here are the preliminary results after Day 3, the amended results from Day 2 and last but certainly not least the preliminary totals after Day 3. Seems that 38's flying start down to Newark carried the day but the stealthy 94 leads overall. Owain is promising a warmer but blustery day tomorrow....

Day 3 Preliminary Scores

Day 2 Preliminary Scores update 2

Preliminary Totals Day 3

Wednesday 21-Aug-19 16.30

Six or eight gliders landed out, as many again still in the air south of the Humber including four around Lincoln, the rest landed at Pock where there is now light rain. Here's JZK landing a little while ago.

Weds JZK

Wednesday 21-Aug-19 15.00

Grid long since launched. 38 appears to be the front runner, just turning Newark. Here's a photo of some nice clouds and the Eagle trailer which has just gone past. What does this sign mean, Grasshopper?

Eagle trailer Weds

Wednesday 21-Aug-19 11.00

Tasks set for today. Once again the weather looks more inviting south of the river so today's furthest turnpoint is down the Trent again, this time to Newark. Updated Day 2 results will be posted later

Wednesday Tasks

Tuesday 20-Aug-19 20.30

Here are the preliminary scores and totals for Day 2 - it must have been stealthy Bob Bromwich's trace and not BTR's going round Bottesford - very tricky all these squiggly lines on Spot the Gliders!

Day 2 Preliminary Scores

Preliminary Totals Day 2

Tuesday 20-Aug-19 16.30

Looks as if both BTR and HNA made Bottesford; earlier AL appeared to be returning from an intermediate point.

Tuesday 16.30


Tuesday 20-Aug-19 14.00

Field spread out with AL leading the way (again) and quite a few either at or very close to Pock (again)

Tuesday 14.00

Tuesday 20-Aug-19 11.45

The grid is launching with the longest task today to Bottesford, via Rufforth South and Goole initially. When he's not wrangling the scores Dick Midwinter has been taking some photos - clearly he has a very long pole for his GoPro! - the grid this morning and also in the sun that followed the rain yesterday, which was scrubbed.

Tuesday grid DM lr

Monday evening DM lr

Sunday 18-Aug-19

Our crack scoring team have worked long and hard into the night to produce the preliminary scores. Clearly they have advanced knowledge of something because they have only budgeted for up to six days in their table. Seems that AL was one of the last home because it had been a long way. 

Preliminary Scores Day 1

Sunday 18-Aug-19 19.00

All gliders accounted for including eight landouts but some appear to have completed the longest task including the ASH D-KBAL, one of the last aircraft home

ASH Sunday 1 finish

ASH trace Sunday 1

Sunday 18-Aug-19 15.30

Grid launched from about 13.00. With one tug dropping out launch took a bit longer than usual. With stiff south west winds field is spread out. A couple of gliders have landed back at Pock and several are on the ground elsewhere.

Sunday 1 1500 Task

 Grid Sunday 1

Sunday 18-Aug-19 11.00

At the start of proceedings this year's comp director Bob Holroyd mentioned the recent sad loss of club stalwart and long time Two-Seater Comp task setter Andy Melville. and Anne, Andy's widow, was invited to open the competition.

Day 1 tasks are set through  POC-NDU-MAW-BUS-TUJ-SCU-PUC, first launch not before 12.30

Anne Melville

Sunday 18-Aug-19 09.45

The day has started bright and breezy. Gridding on  runway18.

Sunday 09.45

Eddie takes last glider tow on 90th birthday
Madge soars high on 90th birthday


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