TSC Entrants 2018

Results 1 - 34 of 34
Name Home Club Glider Type BGA No Call Sign
Peter Arthur Rufforth DG500M G-DS00 S00
Gordon Basey Wolds GC Duo Discu XLT GJB
Dave Bell Burn Gliding Club Nimbus 3DT A26
Bob Bromwich Bannerdown DG500 5512 94
John Carter Yorkshire Gliding Club DG1000S DS2
John Collins Derby & Lancs(camphill) DG500/20wl HNA
Graeme Cooksey Wolds K21 JAV
Paul Cooper Shropshire Soaring Twin Astir 2323 258
Paul Fletcher Shenington DG500 G-CKHC KHC
Chris Fox Shropshire Soaring Group Duo Discus T 5436 563
Guy Gildemyn Royal tournai Air Club DG1000T D-KYGG
Simon Grant Trent Valley GC Janus B G-CLRP LRP
Clive Groves Hus Bos DG1000t EF
John Inglis Hus Bos Duo Discus HB1
Mike Jordy Wolds Gliding Club K21 GBV
Tony Kendal Wolds GC Eagle AXJ
Alan Langlands Shenington DG1000T 5249 KOH
Richard Large Soaring Centre Arcus 38
Simon Leach Trent valley gliding club Janus 5926 TV
Colin Metcalfe Trent Valley GC Marianne G-CJXN
Phil Morrison Devon & Somerset GC Duo Discus XLT 5838 DD3
Ross Morriss Peterborough and Spalding Gliding Club Bocian 1676 CNM
Trevor Nash Peterborough & Spalding Puchacz HAC/HEP
Nick Peatfield Staffordshire GC Janus C 52
Bob Playle Shenington T49 Capstan 1249 BUR
John Pursey Devon and Somerset Slingsby Eagle 828 BBB
Alan Rands Wolds Gliding Club K21 JAX
Brian Scougall Scottish Gliding Centre Duo Discus XLT 5760 XX
Tim Sharpe Darlton Gliding Club Janus B 2359 G-DDTC
Andrew Thornhill Wolds GC Duodiscus XLT D-KDLQ GB 1
Patrice Vandendaele Royal Tournai Air Club ASH25E D-KBAL AL
Mike Weston Cotswold Arcus 5739 CUS
David Wheeler Wolds Janus C J50
William Young Wolds GC DG500M N/A BTR

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