Entrants 2013


Jim Ashcroft G-CKHK Duo Turbo
Gordon Basey GJB Duo XLT
D A Bell A26 Nimbus 3DT
John Collins HNA  
Mike Costin EF DG1000-T
Bruno Brown HVQ K13
Chris Fox 563 Duo Discus T
Robert Grant Y44 Nimbus 3DT
Dave Holborn GBV K21
John Inglis HB1 Duo Discus
Richard Kill KNK DG500
Richard Large   Arcus T
Pete Arther G-SORA DG 500
Jonathon H May KSM Duo Discus XLT
Ross Morris CNM Bocian IE
John Norman JAV K21
John Paskin DTC Janus
Peter Redshaw A23 T49B Capstan
Richard Short JKV Grob Twin Acro
Mike Weston 572 Duo Discus
David Wheeler J50 Janus
Bob Playle BUR T47 Capstan
Roger Davis 460 DG 1000S
Terrance Newby    
Simon Grant    
Colin Metcalfe Z35 Marianne
James Wood JAX K21
Matthew Sheanhan JWG Nimbus 3DT

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