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Here at the Wolds Gliding Club we have a very competitive spirit and we usually host several competitions during the year. Our longest standing competition is the Two Seater Competition which we have hosted for nearly 30 years and sees up to 50 teams competing on a level playing field in the widest range of aircraft seen in any UK competition.

In recent years we have also hosted the British National and Junior National competitions, University Tasks Weeks, the Yorkshire Inter-Club League and our own regionals competition.

Gliding Competitions are great fun, and are a good way of extending your enjoyment of the sport.

A competition in gliding is usually based on how far and how fast the pilot flies his/her glider. On any given day, the competition director will set a task based on the meteorological reports. This is usually a cross country route going through various turn points to return the glider back to the staring point. The speed over this route determines the score for the day. If however the weather for the day does not turn out to be very good or the pilot does not have the level of skill required the glider may be forced to land out in a field or at another airfield. This is a usual and accepted consequence of gliding as the weather does not always come up to expectations! If a glider lands out he will receive points for the distance flown.

That in a nutshell is competitive gliding.

grid s 
Competition gliders on the grid waiting for launch  
D2 s 
Good Finish!        

You can participate in gliding competitions even if you have very few hours and launches under your belt. The Wolds G.C. is equipped with modern two seaters of reasonable cross country performance and it is in one of these aircraft that you will have your first taste of cross country and competition flying with one of our instructors.

Being a crew member is also great fun as you can help out on the ground and get involved with retrieving landed gliders and pilots from anywhere in the country. Competitions usually turn into enjoyable social events in the gliding world as very simply, they can be enormous fun for both the pilots and crews.

eagle field s 
One that didn't make it back home.    

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